Your love is too good to lose
I'm so confused

Assista meu novo clipe: Confused

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For some people, music is a way to relax… For others, an emotion trigger… Or a way to stay in the present… For me, music is a calling. Some time ago, I decided to answer him. With an open soul, with a whole heart. Come with me?

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Arcade by Duncan Laurence A broken heart is all that’s leftI’m still fixing all the cracksLost a couple of pieces

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Astronomy by Conan Gray We drive through the woods, rich neighborhoods to watchWe joked as we looked that they were

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Happier by Olivia Rodrigo We broke up a month agoYour friends are mine, you know, I knowYou’ve moved on, found

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Heather by Conan Gray I still remember the third of December, me in your sweaterYou said it looked better on

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Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo Ooh-ooh-oohAh-ah-ah-ah-ah Brown guilty eyes and little white liesYeah, I played dumb but I always knewThat you’d

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